Steve has been Chief Executive of the Advertising Producers Association since 2000. The organisation’s purpose is to create the best possible business environment for its members- UK production companies, editing, post, music and sound design companies making commercials.

The APA has expanded from its core services- standard production contract, production advice and standard terms for engaging crew- to producers education- the APA Masterclass that trains 110 production staff per year- promotion of the members, through the APA Show and other events, taking UK producers to new markets- we have taken groups of 30 producers to meet agencies in Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul and Mumbai, as well as a fact finding trip to Silicon Valley.

The APA evolves to keep ahead of a changing industry. Bring any group of people in the same business together and they will share common frustrations. The APA will address them with effective action but focusses on opportunity too- The demand for creative content grows hugely each year- and we have to ensure our members are at the forefront of that opportunity.

Steve is also Executive Vice President of the CFPE, a founder of the World Producer Summit (along with Matt Miller and Francois Chilot) a member of the Advertising Association’s Council and of the Board of Adweek Europe. Steve is a great fan of the Ciclope festival, from the first event on a boat in Buenos Aires in 2011.