Since joining Droga5 in 2016, Mike has earned a reputation as the go-to producer for projects that require the utmost attention to detail and film craft. He brings a curatorial taste to each production that has resulted in some of the agency’s most inspired work of the last few years.

Mike built his career leading by example, never shying away from a challenge, and 2020 proved no different. Despite the incredible production challenges posed by COVID, he continued to focus on integrity-driven storytelling while also elevating production strategy and approach, leading the charge on what was responsible, safe and possible. He successfully delivered timely films that captured the heart of community spirit and set the bar for the next round of craft and creativity within the industry and beyond. Never one to be outdone, he interrogates each concept and devise the most responsible approach that will continue to push our storytelling and film craft forward.

A passionate leader, Mike has been at the forefront in developing the agency’s diversity and inclusivity initiatives within production, being a champion of young directors and giving opportunities to those who haven’t had them in the past.