Kaz Shinagawa was born and raised in Shibuya Tokyo and in 1993 moved to Los Angeles, California. He founded “Kaz Coordination” in 1995, which later became Toboggan Inc. During his time in LA, Kaz produced and coordinated countless TV commercials, magazines, and graphics. He has also partnered with Kang & Lee (NY) and Colby & Partners to produce multi-language commercials for AT&T, All State, House USA. In 2010 he relocated to Japan and founded Toboggan Inc., which operates in both Tokyo and LA.

As a creative producer / director, Kaz produces a wide range of corporate advertisements (PR, promotion, TV commercial, marketing, web strategy, branding), music videos, TV shows, and event promotion projects for foreign companies. In 2018 Toboggan opened two new offices in Amsterdam and Singapore. Kaz not only has reliable experience working in and working with companies from the US, he has successfully developed a knowledge for the global standard through his widened expertise in Asia and Europe. Through media and content Kaz continues to connect Japan with the world.