Jenn Nkiru is an award-winning visionary artist and director.

Pushed through an afro surrealist lens, her works are grounded in the history of black music, the aesthetics of experimental film, international art cinema, the black arts movement and the rich and variegated tradition of cinemas of the black diaspora and their distinct experimentation with the politics of form.

Nkiru was one of 75 artists selected for the Whitney Museum of American Art’s 2019 Whitney Biennial and in 2020 was the recipient of the Jarman Award.

She is the 2021 Grammy Award Winner for Best Music Video for her direction on Brown Skin Girl by Beyonce. She is, additionally the winner of a CICLOPE, Soul Train, NAACP and Cannes Lion award for the same video.

She is currently working on a film that has been commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York as part of their upcoming exhibition opening later this year.