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Grand Jury

Eurydice Gysel started producing at Czar Brussels in 2000. The production company was just founded by Koen Mortier and Joe Vanhoutteghem aka Lionel Goldstein and quickly became one of the most creative advertising production companies on the international market. In 2010 Eurydice became executive producer, partner and managing director of CZAR.BE and also launched the fiction department CZAR FILM & TV. In both companies she protects the work of the director so they can stay as creative and free as possible and make the best crafted film out of the script. Combining the production of directors driven feature films and commercials keeps giving her the necessary energy and motivation. Working like that is also fruitful. Czar won over the years numerous awards of which the last ones in 2021: a golden Lion in Cannes Film for the Equal Payday film by Lionel Goldstein and in 2022 a bronze lion also for Equal Payday by Lionel Goldstein. She hopes she can keep on working lots more years like that and take care of the director making the best crafted films out of the scripts.

  • Company

    CZAR (Belgium)

  • Position

    Managing Partner & Executive Producer