Claudia Mayer is an Executive Producer at Mamma Team Barcelona, running the local production market.

Mamma Team is renowned for looking after the whole process, and mostly, for looking after their crews and involving the agency and the client.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Claudia has worked for the main Spanish production companies and agencies, producing commercials that have been recognized at Cannes Lions, FIAP, El Sol, Club de creativos, and most of them also featured at Shots.

Claudia joined Mamma Team 4 years ago, where she works alongside high-profile directors such as Pep Bosch, Claudia Llosa, Galder, Jovan Todorovic, James F. Coton, and their recent addition, Kinopravda. Her best skill is keeping smile on her face even when the circumstances make you want to cry.