Charlie Dodd


Starting in local theatre at the Roundhouse in London, Charlie has been playing, making and producing for over 14 years. She moved into film production at BBH where she trained as an integrated producer. Producing a play in the Waterloo Vaults for Centrepoint Homelessness charity, setting up a bespoke Astronaut training camp in Kennedy Space Centre, producing Audi campaigns as well as leading production for major brands such as Barclays, Virgin Media. Charlie isn’t afraid of a challenge. Creating immersive brand experiences on all platforms is the Holy Grail of creative production which she’s always hunting out.

As Head of Integrated Production at Lucky Generals, Charlie’s motivation is making the best kind of ‘other stuff’. Ideas come in all shapes and sizes and the weirder or less addy it looks the more help it needs taking shape in production. Through creative and strategic integrated production she works into ideas early so they survive the rocky road to going live. Leading production with idea and campaign first, embracing difference or obstacles to make a smooth aligned production construct for all partners to work into, builds the most successful projects. Working across multiple platforms including TV commercials, Film content, competitions, large scale branded events, theatre productions and Ad Funded Programming, her strength lies in building the architecture of a campaign; to grasp the core creative and strategic idea and then explode the possibilities for it through great content creation.