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Produced by Division and directed by Francois Rousselet, Pharrell Williams' music video for "Cash In Cash Out" is an immersive journey that brings back memories of carousels and clay figures.  

Join Electric Theatre Collective's VFX team behind the work, as they discuss the challenges of working on a complex CGI project at the start of the pandemic, collaborating with Francois Rousselet and bringing a fully CG zoetrope with 2160 objects to life. 

Justyna Obasi is an Emmy-nominated director, working in the field of commercials, music videos and narrative. A visual artist by training (BA) Justyna employs colors, textures and format to service a narrative purpose. Growing up with Polish and Nigerian parents in different environments contributed to her gift for salvaging moments of genuine beauty wherever they may appear. Across works, Obasi is invested in a powerful portrayal of woman, blackness, LGBTQI+ and youth culture. 

She lives and works between Berlin and Lagos, Nigeria. 

R/GA's Global Chief Creative Officer, Tiffany Rolfe, and Global Head of Production of WPP/Hogarth, David Rolfe, share lessons on the union of thinking and making. 

Barista coffee & mingling.

rubberband. exploded onto the scene and have quickly become one of the most sought after directors working in films, commercials, music videos and fashion today. Formed by Jason Sondock and Simon Davis, their boundless creativity is only matched by their ambition, dynamism, and work ethic. Considered "multidimensional creators", they are never satisfied with the status-quo and always pushing the boundaries of innovation. They seem to embody the spirit of the industry's future. 

Ladbrokes' commercial was described as "the most ambitious character replacement in Hollywood history". Shot by Nicolai Fuglsig (MJZ), it was pulled off by a tremendous collaboration by a director at the top of his game, and a fantastically ambitious new VFX company who spotted an opportunity to make a name for themselves. 

Find out how they did it in the company of Fuglsig, producer Tim Wild, VFX wizard Greg Spencer, and Amy Coomber, the head of television advertising agency Neverland.

The conversation will be moderated by Jason Stone (David Reviews).

Black people represent approximately 15% of the United States and London population, but in 2020, less than 4% of directors signed to US production companies were black and 0.7% of advertising managers were black. J.M. Harper (Park Pictures) co-founded Change the Lens to help change that. Joining with long-time collaborator and Emmy-nominated director Coodie, the two discuss the process behind the feature documentaries they’ve made together with co-director Chike Ozah and editor Max Allman.

Presented by Bonaparte.

Doors open at 9:00 am.

As local regularions regarding SARS-CoV-2 may change, we RECOMMEND attendants to bring a valid vaccination certificate. Use of masks may also be required in case the protective measures in the state of Berlin change. 

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A sequel of sorts to the Emmy-nominated "Skate Nation Ghana", Meta's "Amani" explores the nexus of technology and human endeavor. 

Directed by Aus Taylor and Marleaux Desiré (aka, Illimiteworld) through production company Love Song, the clip combines music-video and mini-doc styles to show how Meta products and the metaverse help Amani, a cycling squad born in Africa, train, connect and overcome barriers. 

Join the team behind this amazing project and be part of this moving journey.

The conversation will be moderated by Danny Edwards (Shots). 

Born and raised in Jamaica, Jason is in charge of the creative work for brands like AT&T, Beats by Dre, State Farm, Mcdonald's, Budweiser, and been in charge of multiawarded campaigns like "You Love Me" (Beats by Dre). 

In this session, he will be speaking on the value of diversity in creativity and the joy of not knowing. 

Barista coffee & mingling. 

Sponsored by Truenorth.

From anthropological photography at Harvard and National Geographic, to directing award-winning documentary films, record-breaking viral spots, and exhibiting at art museums around the world, Greenfield will talk about her unconventional multi-hyphenate journey as a visual artist and chronicler of the late 20th/early 21st century media-saturated-societies, the relationship between her personal and commercial work, and the process of finding one's voice along the way. 

Working in sound and music can be the most fun, but also the hardest part of the production process in advertising. In this talk, Kelly Bayett (Creative Director & Co-Founder of Barking Owl) and Carol Dunn (Executive Producer at Human Worldwide) will go through their recent work to showcase how important music and sound are to connect, generate emotions, and create the substance of a film commercial. The talk will entertain comments and questions from the audience, so be ready to speak up!

Lunch will be served in the venue. 

Director Felix Brady (Stink Films) will explain how the limitations of traditional filmmaking can be overcome by applying Unreal Engine with groundbreaking LED technology to the world of commercial production. 

Join him to understand the boundless possibilities of this new technology, and how the ability to make real-time changes (from building landscapes to the weather), provides an invaluable experience. Virtual production has become not only fast and cost-effective, but also lower-risk with bigger rewards. Ambitious scripts are no longer ambitious, they're possible.

The conversation will be moderated by Olivia Atkins (Journalist).  

The unexpected-celebrity appearance has been at the core of the tech brand's campaings since the very beginning: Jeff Bridges, Key and Peele, John Malkovich, Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder and more recently, Zendaya, turned a website-building supplier into a super hot brand.

Join Chief Creative Officer David Lee, who will drive you into the unique creative culture at Squarespace, where a DIY approach, film craft and a collaborative mindset with iconic directors (such as Jonathan Glazer and Spike Jonze) co-exist to create award winning campaigns. 

Even though every shoot is a masterpiece of logistical planning which seemingly allows for every possible contingency, every now and then something will happen which completely derails a project. Painful as this can be, it provides an opportunity for creative heroes to step up. Speakers on this session will discuss when everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and what was done to save the day. 

The conversation will be moderated by Jason Stone (David Reviews).

Barista coffee & mingling.

After the huge success of his short film for Baco Exu do Blues, "Bluesman" (2019), Brazilian director Douglas Bernardt is back with a new video that combines music, poetry, fiction and documentary to portray an artist's experiences in juvenile detention in Sao Paulo, whilst sharing a message of hope: Nego Bala's "Sonho". Get behind the scenes of this amazing film and the director's creative process. 

Directed by celebrated DOP Bradford Young, Channel 4's campaign for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics was a terrific success around the world. Through seven para-athletes, with humor and raw scenes, the film shows the "insanity" of being a Paralympian. 

Join 4Creative's ECD, Lynsey Atkin, who will walk the audience through the back stories and unseen images of this remarkable campaign.  

A short break before our Special Guest's appearance.

A live interview with the legendary film director, producer, screenwriter and actor Spike Lee. 

The conversation will be moderated by Hanna Flint. 

Enjoy an hour of open bar and networking with your peers, hosted by Compass Rose and its global network of production partners (Panorama Bar).

Doors open at 9:00 am.

As local regularions regarding SARS-CoV-2 may change, we RECOMMEND attendants to bring a valid vaccination certificate. Use of masks may also be required in case the protective measures in the state of Berlin change. 

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Enjoy a CICLOPE selection of the best work around the world, including the Grand Prix of CICLOPE Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. 

Barista coffee & mingling.

The world of advertising is adapting in response to the climate crisis, and those working in production will be expected to adapt too. But change isn't easy, which is why AdGreen is on hand to support the advertising industry to understand and implement a new way of working. 

This will be a frank look at where we are as an industry, and what behaviour change is necessary to get to net zero. With a data driven approach, this session will discuss carbon intensive activities on shoots, show you how low carbon creativity is possible, and share examples of companies who are already future-proofing their business. 

Following this talk, even those at the beginning of their climate journey should feel confident about putting their new found knowledge into practice. 

This session will be led by Sophie Broadbent from AdGreen. 

Autumn Durald Arkapaw, ASC is a visionary cinematographer who specializes in dynamic, inventive lighting and creative collaborations across departments and with her directors. Her next feature release will be the Marvel Studios film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the sequel to the beloved Black Panther. She has worked with directors Spike Jonze (Beastie Boys Story, Aziz Ansari: Right Now), Gia Coppola (Mainstream, Palo Alto), Emma Forrest (Untogether), among others. 

The conversation will be moderated by Olivia Atkins (Journalist).

Lunch will be served in the venue. 

Producers Matthew Fone (Riff Raff Films) and Ali Brown (Prettybird) discuss their respective approach to ensure that talented directors fulfill their potential. What do they look for in a new prospect, both in terms of reel and personality; what kind of projects would help them put together a reel that's likely to get them into advertising; what do they do to ensure that each piece of work helps build the director's confidence, ability and prospects for the future.

The conversation will be moderated by Jason Stone (David Reviews).

Terence Neale, a pioneer in the industry, met Jabu Nadia Newman, when she was studying film. 

A friendship was formed and soon they became mentor and mentee. 

Both hailing from Romance Films, South Africa and currently working internationally, they discuss their vastly different experiences, how trends affect the future of advertising, and what they look forward to in the industry.

Barista coffee & mingling.

Writer-director Andrew Thomas Huang will delve into his collaborations with artists Björk and FKA twigs to outline his hybrid approach of interweaving personal biography, mythology, pop culture and technology to craft concise and emotionally impactful storytelling.

Join us at the venue for a warm up cocktail before the big event!

To finish off with the three-day conference, all attendees are invited to CICLOPE'S 2022 Awards Ceremony. Enjoy!

Access to all delegates. 

November 10th, Anomalie Art Club at Storkower Strasse 123, 10407 Berlin. 

Doors open 11pm.

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