To submit, click here and create a user name and password, by completing the required information.

Then login into the system.

Once in the Entry System, just follow this four simple steps:


Choose the appropriate Section and Category for your entry, and fill in the credits.

To complete the entry, click on the UPLOAD icon and provide the mandatory video.

Keep in mind the following:

*Files should be MPEG4, MPEG2 or MOV files.
*The recommended compression rate is 15-20 Mbits.
*For The maximum file size is 1GB.
*Please note that all credits and logos should be removed before uploading the video.
*If you wish to enter a campaign, keep in mind multiple films should be entered separately.
*The complete piece should last no longer than 20 minutes.
*IMPORTANT: PLEASE do not include any special characters (& / * / “”) in the name of the file.

To finalise the entry, just check the tick box next to your nomination(s) and click on SUBMIT. You will be automatically redirected to Stripe, a safe automatic payment system where you can only pay with credit card.

You can see the status, edit, delete and/or finalize your entries by going to PENDING ENTRIES or COMPLETED ENTRIES on the upper side of the screen.